Welcome to the Law Office of Tatiana Doran, Esq., Attorney at Law

Family Law

My firm handles a wide range of matters, including: Prenuptial Agreements, Divorce, and Child Support & Custody.

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Estate Planning

Planning for your property and assets to protect them and distribute them to who you choose.

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Probate & Trust

Advising you on managing the trust and handling probate.

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Business Law

Legal solutions
for business planning, business owners and shareholders.

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Tatiana Doran, Esq. is a California and federal legal practice offering the level of legal services you need for your personal and business matters.  Tatiana Doran, the attorney and owner, works directly with you to create an estate plan and to administer your estate to best fit your reality and goals to take care of those you love.  We offer fixed fee legal packages and hourly legal advice and consultation to provide for the needs of specialized attention for large estates and more narrowly tailored assistance for those who have more limited resources and estate planning needs. We provide consultation for those who want full-service representation by Tatiana Doran, a Yale Law School educated attorney licensed to practice law in California and in federal courts, including the United States Supreme Court.  Additionally, we offer “unbundled legal services” for those who prefer to represent themselves and want to pay less to have an attorney review and assist with documents they draft themselves.

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